Monday, June 20, 2011


I was going to do this in watercolor.  I cut and pasted three different photos together and cropped the layout and made some filter modifications to get away from the photo quality and make it more like a drawing.  Then I enlarged it in black and white on a copier and taped it together.  It's just part of my working process.  After I enlarged it 298% from the original color print it was about 17 inches by 30 inches which fit on a standard watercolor sheet.

Okay at this point for some reason I paused in my process and thought about the background being all reds. Hmmmm........ that green shirt..........another hmmmmmmmmmm................and I decided to do this painting in oils on canvas applied to a birch plywood board.  That way I can over paint and adjust colors until it works for me.


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