Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My own Epic Battle

I did something the other day to prove a point to myself. I deleted Facebook from my phone. It was a huge monster program anyhow using 179 MB which was straining the limits of my phone's 1.97 GB memory anyhow. I deleted Chrome as well and the Facebook Messenger. I downloaded Mozilla instead as it was a smaller size program. I logged onto facebook from mozilla and discovered to my surprise that the mobile interface is a simpler cleaner handy version that won't try to run my life. Yayyyy

I made these changes because I had joined an arts group for encaustic on facebook recently, a closed group, and the things those people posted and how they just kept cropping up in my newsfeed was turning my stomach and making me feel sick.  It also was making me hate encaustic. I  can't  explain why I didn't just leave the group.  Maybe because that's what the ringleaders, the controllers were trying to do. Weed out those they see as being undesirable and I didn't want to give them the satisfaction of driving me out. But I also don't want to see them when they are attacking and abusing other people.  So I  deleted Facebook as an app. Now they are gone from my newsfeed.  I feel like working in wax again. Harmony has been restored. I may never go near that group again but my name is in the membership list so I can go and read posts if I choose.  I think that's what I wanted to take back was choice.  I don't want their insufferable opinions being shoved in my face every time a war gets started and battle is engaged. If that Mattera woman wants to play chief tormenter and mommy moderator that's her call. At least I don't have to view it.

Making and creating is so vital to me, so important and crucial, that I can't let the ugly side of the art world in anymore.  I like Lynn whipple's, "Move Your Hands," directive. It's a much better fit for me.I can't change the art world divas and their ferocious desire to rule and destroy. I have to create in my own way, preserve who I am and what I see as my mission in life.  I understand that other people continue to try and live with the ugly side, deal with the backstabbing and rejection because they believe that putting up with the art politics will someday pan out and they will get recognition, gallery shows, acceptance. I don't want to have that kind of life. I don't accept that kind of  ass kissing subservience. Does Mattera have a shitlist and am I on it? Probably.  She says I'm absolutely meaningless to her but I bet if I submitted anything to a show she was judging she would take great delight in rejecting it just because she has power and likes to use it to grind people into the dirt. And if this imaginary scenario came to pass I'm sure she would post something in the encaustic group just to let me know she did it on purpose.  She's that kind of awful.

I have 4 followers.  You guys rock.  Thank for letting me vent.

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